Cosmomia is a training and consultancy center where you can find expert advisors. We offer our services to corporations, and also to individuals, as our aim is to redesign peoples’ lives the way that they like to live. Besides modern medicine and psychological therapy, we also implement holistic approach such as cosmic energy therapy to further our sessions. Additionally, we put personalized techniques into our practice to attain personal mental, spiritual and physical health.

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          Cosmic Energy

          Cosmic Energy Therapy (CET), is an efficient complementary medical method, which is approved by World Health Organization. CET provides protection, purification, and healing by its holistic approach, and it is used as a supportive treatment for viral diseases such as flu – depression, psychological diseases that are related to anxiety disorder – illnesses like migraine which are told to be incurable, and even to treat cancer.


          Meditation may be defined as a mind controlling technique to help individuals reach their inner peace and self-awareness. Meditation may also mean ‘deep thinking’, and it is used during the individual sessions, and in the Awareness Journey ® program. In addition to this, each month, we organize meditations sessions with different themes prepared by our experts .

          Breathing Techniques

          The way we breathe defines our life style. Transforming breathing from just a respiratory to a conscious activity will provide mental transformation, energy boost, increased life quality, ability to enjoy the moment, and more… In Cosmomia, breathing techniques are used in individual therapies and in Awareness Journey ® program for spiritual, mental and physical healing.

          First of all, thanks to cosmic energy, I must admit that I got over my anxiety disorder. I am not using any medication for the past six months, and I feel better than ever. I got rid of my boss and my job, which I always disliked. People who were nothing but a huge burden on my back also left

          Murat İ.

          I learned “how to want” with the help of Cosmomia. I realized that I was giving up at the beginning by believing things would never happen. Now I can say that “at least I have done my best” or “it wasn’t the right time for it.”

          Mehmet T.

          When I take a look at the last 14 months, I can see that every cell of my body has changed. I can feel that I have no boundaries anymore. This, and millions of other things that I am not telling here, happened with you. Having the chance to know you makes me believe that God loves me, and I

          Hazal P.

          I learned that being happy or unhappy is totally about me. I realized how powerful my energy is. I learned that everything is actually about me and I am building my own life. I realized that the truths I thought knew was not always my truths. I got to know myself better or I built myself better, as I came

          Mehmet G.

          Now I am much more patient. It gave me a lot to know that our anger is about us not about others. I learned how to want. Now I don’t feel like anything is missing in my life, as I keep questioning more about what I really want. And I do believe that when you really want something it will

          Dİdem U.

          I was always waiting to be ready for the change. But I can tell you that this was nothing but lingering around. Cosmomia became the hand that pushed me forward by giving me the courage to change.

          Ayşe M.

          When I first went to Cosmomia, even the concept of being happy seemed so far away, and everything Okan told me seemed like a utopia. But then I thought I had nothing to lose if I just tried it once. After my first session with Okan, he put his hand on my heart and said “you have so much love

          Seçil Z.

          I now realize how tired I was as I was searching for happiness, and trying to make myself happy. Yet, just to feel that I am breathing every morning is enough for me to be happy now.

          Ayça B.

          Thank you for your positive and warm energy, and also the sincere support.

          Ali K.

          My first session was in İstanbul but the rest was from a distance. I learned a lot of things, such as; love, trust in the universe and the life itself… everything I have is what I am thinking “now!” Even though I was far away at a distance, it felt good to be in touch with Okan, as he was

          Meltem G.

          I transformed to a happy, self-loving, peaceful, and genuinely smiling person from a self-fighting, anxious, unhappy human being… thanks to Okan and the whole Cosmomia family.

          Selin G.

          Everyone who is open for a change have a lot to gain at Cosmomia. I met them through friends, and now I am referring my friends to them. Thanks to Cosmomia things are much better between me and my family. I can focus on my work better, and most importantly “I feel full of energy and happiness” every time I

          Yunus S.

          I lived through many healing and purification processes during my sessions; some I can explain, some I can’t… And also everything that I intended became reality at the right time for my own good. I felt and still feeling their support for the worst moments. Many thanks to you, I am glad that energy integrity, and universal source of healing

          Aslı E.

          “Good for all ails” is the right thing to say. Whatever is your problem, you can find the solution with sincerity, love and affection…

          Yasemin Y.

          Many thanks to Cosmomia, I met the things in my life that I missed, and also ignoring. Now, we are all together as a whole in peace.

          Seda H.

          Thanks to the little touches of Cosmomia, I realized what I had, and learned how to be happy with myself… I managed to find solutions to my problems, and also solved them all… and I’ll keep doing that. It showed me the way to heal myself, be happy, and peaceful.

          Alp Y.

          A warm place that you feel like you belong there. There is always a different story and a different journey, which help me get to know myself… I got a lot more to learn from Cosmomia team!

          Yasemin B.


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